Police & Fire Military Pension

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  1. Form for getting your Military time granted to your retirement. You need to get both the Member Certification of military granting and Employer Certification of military granting completed and taken to the pension board.
  1. To buy back your Military time before you got on the fire dept. you need to fill out the Members Service Credit Purchase Certification Military form.
  • Copy of Members Service Credit Purchase Certification Military form
  1. If you joined after Sept. 16, 1998, and transferred service credit, you can pay the difference between the employee and employer contribution rates op-f and the other retirement system, plus interest, if you wish to receive the full credit. Otherwise, service credit will be prorated based on the difference in the retirement systems’ contribution rates. In addition, you may purchase credit for military time served including:
  • active military duty;
  • active military duty for training;
  • initial active military duty for training;
  • inactive military duty training;
  • Full-time national guard duty;
  1. Absence For an examination to determine your fitness to perform military duty, provided you were honorably discharged and the appropriate paperwork is filed with (‘)P&F supporting such service, subject to certain conditions and limitations; and time for which you were a prisoner of war.

A member of OP-F may purchase any type of service credit through payroll deduction that the member is eligible to purchase. Upon a member’s request to purchase service credit by payroll deduction, OP-F will prepare an authorization form that provides the service to be purchased, including the total months of service and the type of service, and the total cost of the service credit to be purchased through payroll deduction. ll the member wishes to complete the payroll plan provided by OP-F, the member must sign the form and then have the employer sign the form.

  1. Payroll deduction plans cannot last longer than 60 months, or cannot be for a longer period of time than the amount of service credit being purchased if less than 60 months. Since additional restrictions and limitations apply, please contact OP&F for more information.