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Welcome to LiveWell 4 Fire, a website dedicated to the holistic health of Firefighters. There are many resources on this website that cover very broad areas of health. We also have an assessment that will help you identify areas in your life where you may be stressed. Be sure to login with your local code to unlock the assessment and member services section.

What areas of health are covered?

Health and well being is not just a physical state but it also includes a social well being, a mental well being and also an emotional state. Physical health would be described as an efficient functioning of the body and its symptoms. Social health describes how people react and behave in relationships with others and in their communities. Emotional health is how people manage emotions. Mental health is a person’s ability to think coherently, express thoughts and feelings, and respond constructively to situations. Spiritual health refers to a positive sense of belonging, meaning and purpose in life.


LiveWell 4 Fire in conjunction with Dr. Jack Malinky, has created a self assessment test that is available only to Local 67 members. It is designed to give you feedback as to your overall Well being and to determine possible at risk behaviors or situations. There are no sign-in’s or names given. It is completely private and anonymous. It is intended to suggest or offer help depending on the results of your test, if needed and or wanted. Participation is Voluntary. It’s another tool to help you in your quest for an overall healthy well being or to live well.