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Sometimes you or a family member may need to talk to someone for help or guidance. Other times you may need to seek counseling or if you just want to talk to someone. The network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are three channels of communication available. First is PEER Support. This is comprised of Columbus Firefighters that have been trained in PEER Support. There is a 24 hours phone number available to contact a PEER Support member. Calls are private, confidential and can be anonymous if you so choose. Second is the City of Columbus EAP. They too will be a 24 hours number that is also private, confidential and can be anonymous. And finally, there is Dr. Jack Malinky, a licensed psychologist. He too will have a day and night phone number. 

Three Channels of Communication for Crisis Support: 

  1. Peer Support
  2. City of Columbus EAP
  3. Dr. John (Jack) Malinky